Introducing SOKO – Sparrow Boutique

Introducing SOKO

On our last buying trip in Chicago we were ecstatic to find Soko, an ethical handmade jewelry line from Africa!

Soko jewelry at Stylemax in Chicago

Founded by three women, the line is focused on using recycled brass to create simplistic and elegant pieces that can be worn season to season.

Soko founders

This women-run business employees more than 1,000 African artisans, mostly women, and gives them back 30% of the net proceeds from every purchase which is 4x's the average salary increase for artisans in that country.

Soko jewelry
Dash Cuff Bracelet | Horn Cuff Bracelet (available in-store)

Soko Ring

Soko Hewa Necklace
Soko Dash Cuff

Soko jewelry

Soko Bracelet
Cuff and Chain Bracelet (available in-store)

Whether worn layered together or individually, these unique and special pieces make a statement. Shop in-store or online, and wear with pride!

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